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WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Email Reminder

 WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Email Reminder WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Email Reminder helps the store owner to let their customers recover the Abandoned cart by sending them cart recovery email reminders. The admin can send email reminders to the customers who were unable to complete the checkout. In an e-commerce business, there are many strategies for Customer

WooCommerce Remind Me

 Sends special reminders to your customers. Places a great-looking animated bell icon on the product pages. Your customers can type in email addresses and add a reminder. Automatically sends e-mail when the product arrives or price is down. The bell view, the contents of the email and mores you can personalize everything for your site.

Birthday Reminder For Woocommerce

 Woocommerce Birthday Reminder enables you as a store owner to wish your customers on their birthday and can configure the extension by setting a number of days prior to which automatic email with the special offer will be sent to customers. Never forget a customer’s birthday again! Woocommerce Birthday Reminder is a Woocommerce extension gives

Email Reminder For Gravity Forms

  Setup Your Email Reminder Service Fast and Easy Email Reminder Service Never forget a special occasion again. Our users are so busy and there are so many things to remember when a special like a wedding anniversary is coming up, there’s a pretty good chance that he/she will forget. Our Email Reminder is a

WooCommerce Reminder Pro

  A WooCommerce extension to send SMS & EMAIL notification to customers. There are 3 types of notification using this plugin, Payment reminder notification, before delivery date notification and product review/feedback notification. Pending Payment Notification Emails and SMS must be send to the users whose payment is still pending and whose order status is ‘Pending