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Ladybug – discount for 1st order without coupons

  Description Increase you sales with Ladybug plugin for WooCommerce without coupons. Only for registered users! It’s very simple plugin: install Ladybug; go to Settings page; choose your discount type; enjoy!

Advanced Discount for WooCommerce

  If you want to increase sales in your internet shop you can take advantage of discount systems. For this purpose you have to use Advanced Discounts plugin. Advanced Discounts allows create different type of discounts to registered users. You can choose when apply discounts: apply discount for first order; apply discount if total orders

Woocommerce Discount Manager – WDM

 Woocommerce Discount Manager allows you to add discounts into the woocommerce. Plugin allows you to add the discounts based on price, product and the quantity. You can choose to apply the discount for specific country. Woocommerce Discount Manager allows you to add the discount for specific product. You can also select if the discount is