direct debit WordPress Plugins

GoCardless Pro

 THIS PLUGIN IS RECOMMENDED BY GOCARDLESS! About GoCardless Pro The GoCardless Pro plugin for WordPress allows you to easily integrate GoCardless’ low-cost 1% payment system with your WordPress website. The plugin allows you to create one-off payments, regular subscriptions, and payment mandates. This plugin works with GoCardless’ new Pro API. You do not need to

SEPA Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

 Seamlessly adds SEPA Direct Debit support to WooCommerce. Easily collect IBAN and BIC of your customers during checkout and export SEPA-XML-files ready for upload to your bank. Supports WooCommerce Subscriptions 2.0 including multiple subscriptions (note that Subscriptions 1.x is no longer supported!). See all open payments in an overview before exporting XML. Easily navigate to

GoCardless Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

 About the GoCardless Payment Gateway for WooCommerce plugin The GoCardless Payment Gateway for WooCommerce enables you to take payments on your WooCommerce website using the low cost GoCardless payment gateway. GoCardless only charges 1% on transactions, up to a maximum of £2. WooCommerce 2.2 refund functionality has also been enabled, making it easy to refund

WooCommerce SEPA Payment Gateway

 This Plugin will add a full Featured SEPA-Direct-Debit Payment Gateway to pay in all Euopean SEPA Countries to your WooCommerce site. FEATURES Full featured WooCommerce Payment Gateway Extends the WooCommerce Backend-Settings with all needed fields Extends the WooCommerce-Checkout with a new Payment-Gateway that will collect the needed data Integrated lightweight IBAN and BIC checking Support