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WordPress eCommerce PayToolbox Plugin

 Description WP PayToolbox is an eCommerce plugin to present content from your PayToolbox eCommerce platform on the WP page. With this plugin you can present categories and products with images, prices, descriptions etc. Checkout is done on the PayToolbox platform. PayToolbox Paytoolbox is a complete eCommerce platform to sell your digital products with downloads and

Paypal Digital Goods for Easy Digital Downloads

 Paypal Digital Goods for Easy Digital Downloads is a WordPress plugin which adds Paypal Digital Goods Payment Gateway to Easy Digital Downloads. This plugin creates a better user experience for your customers as they never need to leave your site for making a payment. It also minimises the payment processing time and the customers can

WooCommerce Checkout for Digital Goods

 Imagine you are browsing around the internet for your favorite ebook. Once you find it you are so excited to click the link and purchase, but the checkout page is asking for your physical address and color of eyes. Why does the merchant need to know this information to download an ebook? Don’t drive away