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Keva Tabs

 Keva Tabs is not just a plugin. Keva Tabs is a generator of useful snippets. List of snippets: Keva Tabs – responsive tabs,accordion and vertical tabs Keva Users – responsive tabs,accordion and vertical tabs which displaying information about registered users Keva Testimonials – responsive testimonials Features: Responsive Auto transformation Horizontal Tabs Vertical Tabs Accordion Fixed/Auto

DB Error Customizer – Manage Database Error Professionally

 Database not responding is a very common issue in hosting a WordPress website. It can be caused by many different reasons and sometimes it is very hard to troubleshoot/fix it. However, one thing for sure is when WordPress database is not responding, it will always show a frustrated pale page with a big error message

Visual Styler – customize your website easy

 CUSTOMIZE ANY ELEMENT ON YOUR WEBSITE WITHOUT WRITING ANY CSS CODE! Do you need to change some styles on your WordPress website? But you don’t know CSS and don’t want to hire a freelancer? Now it is possible with the Visual Styler for WordPress! Visual Styler allows you to customize any element on your website

DevKit – Developer Tools

 DEVKIT FEATURE & BENEFIT SUMMARY With the DevKit extension you can add and edit custom CSS directly in your WordPress theme. Changes are shown live. Edit for each responsive mobile state and see your changes straight away. You can also edit and run custom Javascript for your page, directly in DevKit. Save time Code formatting

Improved Variable Product Attributes – WooCommerce

 Improved Variable Product Attributes for WooCommerce v2.3.0 Improved Variable Product Attributes for WooCommerce is a plugin that extends the default variable product attributes. Improve your customer product selection, setup your shop attribute styles and never show the Out of stock option.

HandyBar : Clean & Tiny Admin ToolBar BackFrontEnd


Woocommerce Visual Products Configurator

 Features PERFECT FOR COMPLEX PRODUCTS Do you sell complex products which has a lot of options your customer needs to setup prior to purchase? Well the Woocommerce Visual Product Configurator got you covered by giving your customers access to a fun and simple build your own interface not only to compose their perfect product but