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Deal – Bargain price Management for WooCommerce

 If you are looking to attract customers to your store the best way is to provide them bargaining options, negotiate price. By using this plugin. Bargain option allows the customer to bargain and negotiate the price. The vendor can either give reject or accept the offer. Capture shoppers while they have a high intent to

WooCommerce Custom Price Plugin

 Offer your customers an opportunity to pay the price for products they want, admin can also set the maximum & minimum price limit for the products so that customers can pay the price within the limits, the custom price plugin is the best solution to collect donations, tips & more. The plugins supports simple as

WooComerce Custom Price

 WooCommerce Custom Price is an addon to WooCommerce that let your user customize the price of the product. This approach is helpful if the site owner want to sell the product within the range of the price or to collect the extra amount as donations. This plugin allow to set the suggested price for the

Bargain Bot

 Bargain Bot for WooCommerce Allow shoppers to Make Their Offer Now with a Bargaining ChatBot. Win more customers with smart price negotiations. Allow your customers to make an offer on your price and bargain. The ChatBot will Negotiate to more than a minimum price set by you. Capture shoppers while they have a high intent

WooCommerce Name Your Price (Product Open Pricing)

 With WooCommerce Name Your Price (Product Open Pricing), you will offer your a full freedom to set their price or pick a price as per their choice, in order to understand the true market price, or simply having a different approach to sales WooCommerce Products. The plugin offers you also to suggest or recommend an

WooCommerce Custom Price Plugin – Pay Your Price

 Increase your product sales by empowering your customers to offer a price for your product. If the offered price is within the defined range the customer can add to cart and purchase product. If the price is outside min & max price range, then display a custom error message.

WooCommerce Role Based Pricing Pro

 Overview This plugin extends the popular eCommerce Plugin WooCommerce so that products can be offered at different prices for different customer groups. For example, Subscribers or Contributors get different prices than new customers. Differentiate your registered users to get your shop more attractive. New roles can be created and managed.

Catalog Mode for WooCommerce

 FEATURES: 7 buttons skins + filters to add your own Enable or disable catalog mode per product and per product categories Disable catalog mode for logged in users (also per product) Create your own custom buttons Ability to turn on/off the catalog mode Remove the add to cart button Decide to keep the price tag