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Bookly Customer Information (Add-on)

 Important: This plugin is an add-on that requires the Bookly plugin. View Bookly page at Codecanyon. Customer Information add-on allows you to create multiple types of custom fields and get more info related to your clients. These fields will appear at the Details step in a booking form, and custom information will be added to

Bookly Files (Add-on)

 Important: This plugin is an add-on that requires the Bookly plugin. View Bookly page at Codecanyon. Bookly Files add-on requires installed and activated Custom Fields add-on. View Bookly Custom Fields Add-on at Codecanyon. File uploading feature simplifies the process of collecting the information, needed before providing a service. Let your clients attach files relating to

Bookly Custom Fields (Add-on)

 Important: This plugin is an add-on that requires the Bookly plugin. View Bookly page at Codecanyon. By default, there are several fields like name, phone number, and email address, to be filled out by your clients before they confirm the booking. With Custom Fields add-on, you can add extra fields to ask your customers for

Woocommerce Registration Plugin, Add Custom Registration Fields

 WooCommerce registration plugin allows you to add extra custom fields to your customer registration form. You can add text area, text box, select box, check box, multi-select box and 5 other types of WordPress registration fields etc. Gather more information from your customers to know about their habbit and needs. The extra information can help

ACF Multistep – Turn Long Input Into Steps

 Are your clients not tech-savvy? Your inputs/forms just too long to fill out? You tired of being called everytime client can’t do something? Then walk them step by step – automatically. ACF Multistep – Step by step walkthrough We sell solutions for non-tech savvy users Like it yet? Buy it now Work with forms If

ACF Frontend Display

 Show custom fields label & value from the specific post on frontend easily with style. Work smarter & faster with ACF Frontend Display. Why do you need ACF Frontend Display This plugin will show the custom field value with the label on front-end by shortcode. You won’t need to touch the source code anymore. Just

Xbox Framework – Create Meta boxes, Theme Options & Admin Pages

  Xbox is a complete and powerful framework to create beautiful, professional and flexibles Meta boxes and Admin pages or Theme Options. Xbox Framework puts at your disposal several types of fields to build any options panel for your projects (Plugins or Themes). Building meta boxes and admin pages has never been easier! Features Features

Advanced Custom Fields for WooCommerce

 Advanced Custom Field for WooCommerce (ACF for WooCommerce) will help you create and add custom fields to multiple places in WooCommerce, up to 30 field types and FREE trial. ACF for WooCommerce | All In One WooCommerce Fields Manager Why do you use the other WooCommerce checkout customize plugins while you can manage all “custom

Guest Blogging Elite

 Guest Blogging Elite is a premium plugin with premium features. It allows users of your website to signup/login and then manage guest blog posts on your websites within their account. Once you install this plugin on your WordPress website or blog, it will automatically generate necessary user pages with appropriate shortcodes. It creates user dashboard