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WooCommerce Multiple Currencies

 Your store will display items price according to the selected currency! The WooCommerce Multiple Currencies is very straightforward: just install, select the currencies you wish to display and select the update rates frequency! It doesn’t require you to configure any paid 3rd party service to update rates or any additional tricky setting! It relies on

WooCommerce Multi Currency

  WooCommerce Multi Currency allows display prices and accepts payments in multiple currencies. FEATURES CURRENCY OPTIONS: Auto update exchange rate: The plugin automatically update exchange rate. You can set the time for the automatical update: every 30 minutes, every hour… Successful update exchange rate email: You will receive an email whenever the plugin update exchange

WooCommerce Currency Switcher Plugin

 WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin allows your store visitors to switch currencies. Multi-Currency Switcher provides both automatic & Manual switching features. The currencies are converted using the correct exchange rate. Woocommerce currency Switcher is a must have plugin to personalize your store by displaying prices in the customers’ local currencies.

WordPress Currency Switcher

 WordPress Currency Switcher – is a WordPress plugin that allows you to switch to different currencies and get their rates converted in the real time using special shortcode [wpcs_price]. Also it is a power marketing tool for your site with heap of shortcodes and widgets for any WordPress catalogs where currency switcher is necessary. ATTENTION:

Woo Multi Currency