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Layers – Restaurant Menu Extension

 Layers – Restaurant Menu Extension The Restaurant Menu Extension will enable you to display a restaurant menu on your Layers website. It provides a templatable widget and lets you personalize it to make the menu look the way you want. Easy to use, the Restaurant Menu Extension is made for everyone who need a simple

Visual Composer Fullscreen Viewer

 Visual Composer Fullscreen Viewer allows you view and edit element container / complex layouts in full screen view instead of Visual Composer normal UI. Advantage of Visual Composer Fullscreen Viewer: Building complex layouts would be easier. Avoid mistake. Works fine on Back-end & Front-end Fullscreen Viewer button – VC normal mode Fullscreen Viewer mode –

Visual Composer – Shortcode Viewer

 Visual Composer Shortcode Viewer allows you view, edit, add any shortcode/element on Visual Composerinterface. At the moment, you need to switch into Classic Mode and find the shortcode or shortcodes for individual elements or sections of content with hundreds of lines of shortcodes and all those confusing. Disadvantage of Classic Mode: You miss a tag