case WordPress Plugins

Gravity Forms Auto Formatter

 Automatic capitalization/case formatting, blacklist validation, link removal, text replacement, HTML tag and PHP code removal, and before/after text appending ..all per individual field! Let Gravity Forms Auto Formatter sanitize, and neatly format your form entries with quick and easy setup! See Full Feature List Below! Let this super helpful plugin automatically take the pain out

WordPress Claim Listing & Report Plugin

 This plugin can be integrated into any post-type, page, attachment etc.. More flexible with trendy design and code with Love. The main point of view of this plugin is, User can Claim/Report on any fraud case or critical situation. A judgment panel is open through Admin and the person who claimed can debate in this

Support Case

 Use Support Case plugin to track and manage services related problems reported by your users or customers on your website. What makes a Support Case “Effective”? A support case is typically a simple title that describes a user goal. Your users will tell you know about their issues or questions, then you can resolve and

WooCommerce Case Correction

 WooCommerce Case Correction Customers can sometimes enter their name all in lower case or in other unexpected case. This extension enables you to correct this when they submit their details. KEEP YOUR ORDERS TIDY & LOOK PROFESSIONAL Keep your orders looking tidy, no more joHN smITH or jane smith. When customer enters their details on