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WordPress Longtail Keyword SEO

  WordPress Keyword Suggestion Plugin WordPress Longtail Keywords SEO will suggest you the keywords that related to the main topic and your content. WPLKS can provide the detailed information about each keyword such as CPC, Search Volume, Search volume in past 12 months, competition rate. Content analysis for longtail keyword Different from the primary keyword,

Facebook TNT – Trending Now Traffic

 Facebook TNT Facebook Trending Now Traffic is a simple to install wordpress plugin that allows you to drive traffic like the big boys (google, yahoo, bing) around your site and more importantly off your facebook page and onto your website. Trending Now Traffic Facebook TNT uses the power of trending information via rss/xml feeds to

Smart Sitemap.xml Tools

 Plugin doesn’t create sitemap files to save on your website, it serves virtual files with the sitemaps contents. This allows better flexibility, doesn’t require special write rights for your website root directory and it allows you to use plugin with multisite network websites. Plugin allows you to set rules for post types, taxonomies, date and

WordPress Search Bot Detector

 WordPress Search Bot Detector helps you to know when search engines scrape your site. With WordPress Search Bot Detector you can: get daily statistics about what bots scraped your pages; build and download reports about visits of your site; know is your changes in posts and pages crawled by search bots; extend list of bots