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WooCommerce Shop Essential Bundle

         WooSwatches – Woocommerce Color or Image Variation Swatches Convert your normal variable attribute dropdown select to nicely looking color or image select.        WooCommerce Simple & Linked Product Swatches Link simple products together with color/image/text swatches. Automatically show availability based on linked attributes.        Woocommerce Multiple Images per Variation Easily

WooCommerce Attribute Images

 Turn Attributes into Images Attributes in your WooCommerce shop can be boring! Our WooCommerce Attribute Images plugin helps you to drive attention to your attributes. It also removes the boring select fields for variable products and transform them into beautiful image swatches. Features Transform Attribute Names & Values into Images Show Attribute Images in Variable

Hreflang Flags

 This plugin automatically generates flags, with the appropriate links to the alternative versions (in terms of language or geo-target) of your pages, based on your implementation of hreflang. Please note that Hreflang Flags requires a WordPress website with a valid implementation of hreflang as HTML link elements in the header. If you have not already

Variation Images

 With this plugin, you can display the variable product images directly on the single product page. And customers can select a variable product simply by clicking on the image for that variation. This feature is ideal when you have unique images for each variable product and want to show how they look – for example

WooCombinator for variable products – Turn your boring selects into buttons!

 WooCombinator is a plugin for WooCommerce (an eCommerce solution for WordPress). This plugin turns the boring select elements of variable products to buttons. What is a variable product? A variable product is a standard product type in WooCommerce. A variable product has multiple attributes and the customer select one from each attribute. For example a

WooCommerce Product Attribute Label Editor


Improved Variable Product Attributes – WooCommerce

 Improved Variable Product Attributes for WooCommerce v2.3.0 Improved Variable Product Attributes for WooCommerce is a plugin that extends the default variable product attributes. Improve your customer product selection, setup your shop attribute styles and never show the Out of stock option.

Woocommerce Visual Attributes & Options Swatches

 A Woocommerce Addon which replaces the standard product attributes dropdowns by labels, radio buttons, colors, pictures and more

Product Options for WooCommerce

 Order/Product Option Features These are features that all product options have.   Shop/Search/Category Pages Choose whether to add product options to pages that list products (e.g. shop pages, product search pages or product category pages). Product Option Groups Create groups of options and add these to all products, selected product categories or products selected by