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Advanced Content Viewer Plugin

 Create post lists – any kind Using this smart plugin, You can build post lists based on options you choose from a form in a plugin settings page. It works similar to SQL query but no coding knowledge is required. Check out the Live preview here You can copy and past the short-code  anywhere as

Atlas – WordPress Knowledge Base

 About Atlas – WP – Knowledgebase plugin helps you create a self-serve online library of information about a product, service, department, or topic, helping you to reduce your support volume and increase customer satisfaction. Atlas comes with a modern look and feel and two beautifully designed, mobile-ready themes to match your brand. General features Two

WoW Post Feed

  WoW Post Feed plugin for creating article and post lists. The plugin allows to combine posts template with the layout, customize each post element and style on the fly. Features Simple Untuitive UI 5 Layout templates 10 Post templates Customizable layout and post styles(no code skills required) Customizable post elements options Unlimited combination of

MinervaKB Knowledge Base for WordPress with Analytics

 Knowledge Base plugin for WordPress with built-in Analytics Add documentation and track its performance instantly! Features Ajax intuitive Live Search Analytics dashboard, with views, likes and dislikes weekly / monthly graph Custom order of topics (drag n drop) Home page box or list layout, with 2,3 or 4 columns Dynamic Table of Contents in articles

KnowledgeBee – HelpDesk Plugin

 KnowledgeBee is WordPress plugin that add a separated section of knowledge base Articles and FAQ. Features Easy to Use Just plug and play. with zero config. Responsive Compatible with all devices and screen sizes. Compatible Compatible with 95% of themes especially with bootstrap based themes. Customize-able with a lot of options to customize the view,

Refolio Gallery For WordPress – Votable/Sortable

 Important – This plugin uses the jquery Isotope 1.5 version for its masonry layout since the new 2.0 methods are not working as they should. If you have a theme or plugin that is calling the new Isotope 2.0 script then the Refolio plugin will not work. Please check if any plugin/theme file is using

Category Bar

 ategory Bar for WordPress is a top category bar menu that lets the user easily scroll through all category posts using touch swipe or mouse actions. Plugin Features: Set bottom bar height and post items width. Over 700 Icons to choose from. Insert using shortcode in the page. Not sitewide must have shortcode on page

WordPress Display Bar

 WordPress Display Bar – WordPress plugin for managing and displaying news/reviews type line items in your theme WordPress Display Bar (wpdisplaybar for short) is a WordPress plugin that allows you to display and manage news item (along with links) anywhere on your WordPress site. For example, this plugin will help you maintain a list of

Sixthlife Search for Envato Affiliates

 Sixthlife Search WordPress Plugin is a Tool for Bloggers to promote Envato Products . It has been tested with (,,, VideoHive) marketplaces. You can use this plugin to write Long Articles/ Blog Posts including Envato Products. Sixthlife Search helps you search through the Envato Products retrieved from RSS feeds by Automatic Fetches(Crons) or

Fixed TOC

 Fixed TOC is a powerful WordPress plugin. It can scans headings through the post content automatically and create the table of contents, Fixed in the page display. Users can faster find the content what they want. Features Support posts, pages and all of public custom post types. You can set which HTML headings automatically generated