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WooCommerce Paintings Wall Preview – Popup –

 “WooCommerce Paintings Wall Preview plugin” allows customers to preview paintings products on diffrent rooms, with diffrent wall colors.. it makes the site depict the painting on a wall relative to other objects so the customer can see approximately what it looks like relatively in a room..

Layer Magic

 Layer Magic is a powerful tool that uses hardware acceleration to create overlapping layers and give users full control over their behavior, as well as the entire project. It is designed to give you the power and freedom to create exactly what you want. It is a well optimized tool, with a feature rich editor

Header Replacer

  1. SELECT STYLING A large amount of options for your site header awaits you in the “Heder Replacer” plugin. All of them you can see in the demo preview. 2. Hide Header Use special fields to hide your old header with CSS rules 3. Customise Header Things that you can customise: Logo, Background Picture,