ajax live search WordPress Plugins

i-Search Pro

 i-Search Pro – Live Search Plugin i-Search Pro changes the way of WordPress Search. It’s full WooCommerce compatible. Provide Live search results in milliseconds. Log not found search queries for a better SEO. Add extra search terms to your posts. Include almost everything in your search results. Some of the powerful advantages of i-Search: Lightweight:

Reactive Pro – Advanced WP search, filter & grid

   Visit our WordPress theme on the top of this plugin Add shortcode to pages Select post type Add grid block Add search block Add combobox search attributes Add as many “different searching attributes” as you want Choose “different grid options” as you want Well pretty much everything about search, filtering or grid page you

HeartBeat – Instant Ajax Search

 HeartBeat – Instant Ajax Search for WordPress HeartBeat is a blazing-fast ajax search solution for WordPress, it can search through thousands of posts within a fraction of a second. You can add any post type to the search index, and yes you can also add WooCommerce products. Your visitors will get relevant product and query

WP & Woocommerce Advanced Live Search

 WP & WooCommerce Advanced Live Search delivers users instant changing results as they typed and selected options like min-max price range, product type & product category. Features Quick and easy installation. Post Type Support : Type of post to applied live search. if you have select only one products as post type and search box

Mega Search : Advanced Live Ajax Search Plugin

 MEGA SEARCH : ADVANCED AJAX LIVE SEARCH Mega Search is a Live Ajax Search Plugin for wordpress. It has a unique concept with more than 200 options to match the serch box and result box with your idea. It is a MUST HAVE plugin for every wordpress site. you can use it in pages, posts,