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WP Age Verifier

 Overview Wp Age Verifier is a responsive and touch-ready plugin for WordPress. Websites from different industries such as alcohol, pharmacy, tattoo, adult content and many more require a mandatory age verification to ensure that the user is above a certain age. Our SEO friendly age verification plugin makes it simple for you to create the

Age Check – WordPress Plugin

 Age Check Description Age Check WordPress plugin is perfect plugin if your website is age restricted. You can use it for adult restricted websites and also for child restricted websites. Age Check plugin works as age verification system for wordpress websites. This plugin is is useful for websites related with alcholic beverages, nudity, violence, gambling,

Age Verification System

 A WordPress plugin to verify visitor’s age before viewing the content of your site. WP Age Gate Pro plugin is used to verify site’s visitor age before giving access to website’s content, which typically included sex, alcoholic beverages, nudity, violence, tabacco, age-restricted youtube videos, ESRB rated content for M-rated and AO-rated video games. This is


 Inform your users with PopMeUp about promotions, cookie usage or verify website visitors age. Features – 4 editable patterns – text editors – color picker – 30+ animation types – browser targeting – device type targeting – date range – mobile friendly and responsive