addon WordPress Plugins

KB Tab For WooCommerce

 KB tab for woocommerce Addon allows you to convert you’re knowledge base posts in to WooCommerce product Knowledgebase item with in a minute. You can add unlimited number of knowledge base post as product knowledgebase items and using drag drop feature sort them according to you’re choice. Addon comes with Premium & Unique BWL Searchable

Ninja Forms Captcha Add-on

 This Ninja Forms extension allows you to easily add captcha form field to your Ninja Forms and prevent any spam submissions. Features Small and compact. Forget about bulky and ugly reCAPTCHA. No iframes, external JS or CSS dependencies. Use any background and text color for your captcha. Enjoy free automatic updates.

KB Display As Blog Post – Knowledge Base Addon

 KB Display As Blog Post– is a powerful Knowledge base Addon that allows you to display you’re KB posts inside of regular blog posts. Useful and popular KB items can be easily integrate as blog post without creating duplicate regular post by using this Addon. Also, this Addon automatically include KB posts in to blog

Visual Composer Responsive Inner Columns and Rows

 Visual Composer Responsive Inner Rows and Columns is a VC extension that gives Visual Composer users the option to add custom responsiveness to each interior column, giving infinite responsive options. The non-extended version of Visual Composer only allows users to choose individual column responsiveness in a primary row… but what if you want to have

Visual Composer Post and Page Converter – VC Add on

 The most important add-on for Visual Composer!! CONVERTS YOUR EXISTING CONTENT TO VISUAL COMPOSER FORMAT Convert your existing WordPress posts and pages in to Visual Composer rows and items with just one click! Perfect for existing sites with content that would take hours to convert manually! Now you can apply Visual Composer to your existing

Signature Addon for Arforms


BuddyPress for Visual Composer

 Visual Composer for BuddyPress is a plugin that helps you add some amazing shortcodes of BuddyPress, integrated inside Visual Composer! Now your social integrated web site editing is getting better and easier with that plugin. To use the plugin, you just have to create a New Page, load the backe end Visua Compoer editor and

Ninja Forms MailChimp Opt-ins

 The Ninja Forms MailChimp Opt-ins extension allows you to quickly add newsletter opt-in option for any Ninja Form. There are 3 options build in, ‘None’ for simple forms where you only collecting first name and email address, ‘Checkbox’ where you would like to give an option for your site visitors to opt-in, and ‘Dropdown’ which

Stripe Gateway – AdPress Addon

 Stripe Gateway for AdPress Stripe gateway integration for AdPress allows users to select Stripe as their preferred payment method. Since the checkout process does not occur on your website (Stripe Checkout Popup), an SSL certificate is not required and you don’t have to stress over PCI compliance. This is an add-on for AdPress Features Easy

Visual Composer Quform Add-on

 This Add-on is adding Quform shortcode for Visual Composer and you are able to insert it everywhere in your content.