Super Security – All in One WordPress Security


Super Security is a wordpress plugin which helps you protect your website from virus and malicious attack by permission set, setting updates, file scan, database backup, folder backup, traffic check etc.


  • Admin Notifications
  • Change databse prefix
  • Change default admin username
  • Hide WordPress versions
  • Spam protection
  • Perform database backups
  • Perform folder backups
  • Scan your website settings
  • See live traffic statistics – Powered by Easy Stats PRO
  • Remove meta tags from the head tag
  • Set permission of all files individually
  • Change default admin URL
  • Scan files and folder for virus or malicious code – Powered by WP Antivirus
  • Remove core update notifications
  • Remove themes update notifications
  • Remove plug-ins update notifications
  • Remove login error notifications
  • Hide admin notifications for non admins
  • Remove the version parameter from URLs
  • Virus alert in the admin bar
  • Cleaning up after plugin removal
  • Weekly scan with email notifications
  • Database tables and theme templates checks
  • WordPress 3.x ready: both visually and technically
  • Whitelist solution: Mark suspected cases as “no virus”
  • Manual check of template files with alerts on suspected cases
  • Optional: Google Safe Browsing for malware and phishing monitoring.
  • Empty the content of the readme.html file from the root directory
  • and many more…