Stock Profit Calculator for WordPress

It’s a beautiful WordPress PlugIn to quickly and easily determine the Profit
or Loss from a sale on shares of stock with Net Return On Investment, Buy and
Sell Commissions, Break Even Share Price etc! This PlugIn is Ideal for organizations
who shows Stock Information or Financial Information in their website. Install the PlugIn
and let your clients or readers calculate just in website without leaving it.


See the “Live Preview”, and simply enter

  • Number of Shares,
  • Share Purchase Price (in any currency),
  • Share Sell Price (in any currency),
  • Buy Commission (in money or percentage),
  • Sell Commission (in money or percentage)

now press on “Calculate”, and instantly know

  • Profit or Loss,
  • Net Return On Investment,
  • Buy Commission,
  • Purchased For,
  • Sell Commission,
  • Sold For,
  • Break Even Share Price

Why this PlugIn is special ?

  • The PlugIn will automatically match with your Theme’s color, font, style. Visitor will think it as the part of your theme. If you use this PlugIn in different themes, you will feel the change
  • Mobile Responsive
  • The PlugIn takes very low space in hosting
  • Easy Installation! After activation of the PlugIn, Simply go to Appearance > Widgets, and drag the PlugIn into any widgetized
    area like sidebar or footer
  • No coding knowledge or expertise required! You will not have to use any
    short-code or to edit settings
  • Freedom! If you use any Page Builder, then you can add inside page or post


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