Sticky Video

Sticky Video plugin allows you to watch videos continuously while scrolling through a page or a post. Boost viewability rates for your videos just like they have done in CNN, Daily Mail and Washington Post.

How does it work?

When a user plays the video and starts to scroll through a page or a post, the video player will pinned from the primary position to the position of the reader’s screen set by you. So the video remains viewable even while scrolling to a different part of the webpage.

What type of videos does it work with?

This plugin supports any video that are hosted in;

  • WordPress (Self hosted in Media Library)
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Dailymotion

Can I customise it?

Of course you can! Under plugin ‘Settings’ you can customise the options below.

Width of the player.

Positioning of the player

Pin the player to;

  • Top: Left
  • Top: Right
  • Bottom: Left
  • Bottom: Right

Set vertical and horizontal offset.

If your theme has a sticky header, this option will help you to setup the video player position, so it does not overlap.

Enable/Disable stickiness on mobiles.

Customizable mobile breakpoint.

You can define the width of the screen to disable the Sticky Video. Eg: By adding 768px, it will disable the plugin when the screen width is 768px or below.

Enable/Disable stickiness on paused videos.

When this option is set to ‘True’, the sticky functionality will only apply if the video is playing. *Please note: This feature only works with HTML5 videos and embedded videos from the WP Media Library. It is not available for YouTube or Vimeo videos.


Sticky Video Preview

Sticky Video Preview