STB Pro – Special Text Boxes Pro Editin


  • Supports CSS3 styles
  • Supports both modern and older browsers. Compatible with all major browsers (IE8 and above , Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera)
  • Supports RTL
  • Fully customizable
  • Fully customizable shortcodes
  • Customizable widget with enabled execution of PHP scripts
  • Possibility of using output function
  • 7 built-in styles (for each theme)
  • Unlimited custom styles
  • User friendly WYSIWYG styles editor
  • Possibility of using web fonts (for Admin and Front sides)
  • 3 built-in themes
  • Unlimited additional themes
  • A lot of free themes for downloading from plugin’s home site
  • Possibility of creating custom themes. You can create and share your own themes
  • Possibility of changing styles “on the fly”
  • Possibility of changing current theme “on the fly”
  • Supports Localization (Separate Localization Model: different translations for Admin Side and for Front Side)