Stachethemes Event Calendar


– Allow users to submit events from the front-end
– Create single or multiple day events
– Pick any color you like for your calendar category
– Repeat event daily, weekly, monthly or yearly
– Duplicate event
– Set featured event
– Import & Export .ics files
– Option to choose how many times the event to repeat
– Option to put gap between repeats
– Add information about your VIP guests coming to your event
– Add detailed event program description by dates and/or hours
– Add Merchandise Tab to your events
– Add weather forecast information about the event location
– Attach files to the events so your users can download
– Add unlimited number of images to your events
– Send e-mail invitations for your event
– Change all fonts and colors to match your theme
– The plugin is fully responsive to fit on any mobile screen
– The calendar can be translated to other languages. Comes with en-US-po file
– Enable user discussion on your events through Disqus.
– Show/Hide Search Button
– Show/Hide Filter Button
– Show/Hide View Buttons
– Show/Hide Time Zone
– Enable/Disable Remind feature
– Change Date Format: YY-MM-DD, DD-MM-YY or MM-DD-YY
– Change First day of the week: Monday, Saturday or Sunday
– Change Time Format: 12 or 24 hours
– Change the Default view: Agenda, Month, Week or Day
– Change Events visibility from Public to Private
– Change Weather degrees from Celsius to Fahrenheit
– Change Weather wind from Mph to Kph
– Customize Invitation e-mail content
– Customize Reminder e-mail content
– Unlimited number of events per day
– Unlimited number of event categories
– Google Maps with directions
– Filter Events option
– Search Events by date, name or keywords
– Shortcodes
– Enable/Disable comments
– Option to enter keywords to event to show on calendar search result
– Many more are coming soon!

We have over 20 new features and improvements in our to-do list and it keep growing so stay tuned! If you have a suggestion for new features or improvements lets us know on

To install Stachethemes Event Calendar go to your “Dashboard” then “Plugins” click “Add New” and “Upload Plugin”. Click “Browse”, pick Event Calendar archive and Click “Install Now”. After installation click “Active plugin” and a new menu should appear named “Stachethemes Event Calendar”.