SoGrid – WordPress Grid for Social Stream

SoGrid is a WordPress plugin that displays your social network posts / feed in a functional grid. Each post type has full functionality of its native social network. Social Grid generates a shortcode and it allows you to place SoGrid anywhere on your website. Simply copy and pase the shortcode directly to your webpage. SoGrid supports 10 top social networks: Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Dribble, Filckr, Tumblr and VKontakte. We will constantly add more networks and continue to improve the existing ones with more features and design options.

SoGrid General Features

  • Display social network posts in a grid
  • Lazy Load posts to avoid long loading
  • Post intro animations
  • 2 types of grid are available
  • Post intro animations
  • Option to choose the random order or default one
  • You can have as many SoGrids as you want

SoGrid Post Options

  • Set the maximum results for each individual network stream
  • Choose to limit the results by date
  • You can also limit the results by days
  • Enable / disable image in a post
  • Enable / disable thumb in a post
  • Enable / disable text in a post
  • Enable / disable the options to share a post
  • Enable / disable a border around a post
  • Set border color
  • Set post background color
  • Set share box background color
  • Set icon color
  • Set date color
  • Choose title font and color
  • Choose text font and color
  • Set share link color and hover color
  • Set share icon color

SoGrid Pinterest Options

  • Display pins from a board
  • Display pins from a profile
  • Display multiple boards / profiles in a single SoGrid

SoGrid Twitter Options

  • Display tweets from a profile
  • Display only tweets that have certain hashtag
  • Display multiple profiles in a single SoGrid

SoGrid Facebook Options

  • Display posts from a page
  • Display posts from an album / gallery
  • Display multiple pages / albums in a single SoGrid

SoGrid Google+ Options

  • Display posts from a Google+ profile
  • Display multiple profiles in a single SoGrid

SoGrid YouTube Options

  • Display YouTube channel
  • Display YouTube playlist
  • Display a search result from YouTube

SoGrid Instagram Options

  • Display entire Instagram portfolio
  • Display a search result with hashtags
  • Display photos from a location

SoGrid Dribbble Options

  • Display your Dribbble portfolio
  • Display user likes
  • Add more users to a single SoGrid

SoGrid Flickr Options

  • Display photos from your Flickr profile
  • Display tag search result
  • Add multiple users to one SoGrid

SoGrid Tumblr Options

  • Display images from Tumblr account
  • Add more then one user to a grid

SoGrid VKontakte Options

  • Display profile from VKontakte account
  • Display VKontakte groups
  • Show off VKontakte album