Social Networking WordPress Plugins

Simple Social Inbox – Facebook, Twitter, Google+

 Latest News & Updates: New Website with easier to view Documentation and Support: – check it out! Updated to support Facebook personal feed and Groups (along with existing Facebook Page support) Updated to support WordPress 4.1 Important: LinkedIn support will stop after May 11th 2015 as LinkedIn is changing their API, we’re working hard to

SoSlider – Social Sliders

 Our product offers you most popular social sliders icons (over 150 icons of different sizes, round corners, squared, slider-shaped). You can customize your sliders (colors, width, length) and set them in any configuration you want. With SoSlider you can install – Facebook – Twitter – Pinterest – Instagram – Flickr – Dailymotion – YouTube –

Social Payments

 Lots of plugins and scripts allow you to implement Pay with a Like, or Pay with a Tweet, but some of them are not flexible and they do not allow for total customization. Small code modifications allow the user to edit everything inside. For a WordPress site, though, you need dynamic content and you need

Socialuttons – The Ultimate Social Button Kit

 Socialuttons The Ultimate Social Button Kit – WordPress Edition 62 social icons 4 shapes 18 animations 49 color scheme combinations (7 before, 7 after) 7 shadow styles Using combination of these you can achieve different 24.696 styles and 1.531.152 different icons. It includes global style changing admin panel – you change style of every button

Commentifier – Admin comment reply plugin

 What the plugins does Each time a person comments on your blog, if they aren’t a regular reader, they will most likely never come back to your site. So to solve part of this engagement issue, I’ve created “Commentifier”. What it does is it sends a personal message by email, each time you respond to

Socialsider – Universal Social Sidebar

 Socialsider – Universal Social Sidebar (WordPress version) 62 social icons 2.304 style combinations Left top, left middle, left bottom, right top, right middle, right bottom positions Fixed & absolute positions 6 color styles Half – hidden option Edge radius on/off Open in new window on/off [PAGE_URL] “Shortcode” for passing actual url to the buttons link