Smart Footer System

Most Internet sites use very similar footers, a 1,2,3 or more columns, do you want to have the ability to create footers in a totally new and different way?

In addition to creating infinite footers using Visual Composer, Page Builders or custom html, you can have fun creating sticky footers that follow your pages with different animations and effects to create more beautiful dynamic sites and different from each other.

In fact you can choose icons such as those of Font Awesome, Dashicons and Genericons as well as enrich them with personalized text for the opening and closing of your footer.

As we like to say, your footer will never be the same.

Visual Composer, Page Builder and third part Plugin or Theme are not included.

It works fine with Jupiter Theme too if you don’t select to hide your theme by our plugin option but by theme options, remember to click on Clear Theme Cache for every modify.


  • Create Custom Footers for WooCommerce pages, products or just for a single product
  • Create all footers you need with Visual Composer, Page Builders, Fusion Builder or custom html
  • In SFS settings you can choose different footers for different Pages, Custom Post Types and Archives
  • Use Visual Composer elements. It’s work too with Visual Composer modified
  • Use Css Selector to hide part of your theme
  • Add Footer Shadow to rich your footer
  • Use Normal or Sticky version to create different layouts and animations
  • Use Click or Mouse over action to open and close your sticky footer
  • Use Sticky Options to define different animations and their speed
  • Personalize all part of your footer with infinite color possibilities
  • Add a bottom border height and define its height and colors
  • Decide different icons and text to Open and Close actions
  • Define to set you handle with Square, Round, Moon and Circle shape
  • Define if you want to set your footer as Full Height
  • Define to set your footer Full Height with Centered Vertical Alignment

Built to impress your customers with awesome footer versions.