Slim Image Cropper for Gravity Forms, Photo Uploading and Cropping Plugin

Slim Image Cropper for Gravity Forms enables your users to attach images to forms. You define the aspect ratio and size of the uploaded images, Slim will make sure all uploaded images fit the set requirements. Ideal if you need your users to upload images of a specific size or ratio like profile pictures, documents or source images for print.

Example use cases:

  • Set common A4 document aspect ratio to crop images to familiar document sizes.
  • Set square aspect ratio to have users upload profile pictures.
  • Lower output size to scale down the image so the file is uploaded faster.


Quick feature overview:

  • Responsive and beautifully animated
  • Auto crop and auto resize of images
  • User can adjust the crop and rotation
  • Supports touch interaction on mobile devices
  • Auto corrects mobile image rotation
  • Validate images before upload
  • Set compression to lower the image size
  • Multiple Slim croppers per form


    • Beautiful Animations | Today, it’s all about a nice and smooth user experience, this is where Slim delivers big time.
    • Responsive | In this day and age, of course this plugin is responsive.
    • Mobile Friendly | Slim has been optimized to also work with touch input on mobile devices.
    • Browser Cropping | Cropping is done on the client, less server load, less data wasted for the user.
    • Crop | Specify the output ratio, be it square (1:1), portrait (3:4), movie mode (16:9) a custom ratio or the ratio of the input image, Slim has got you covered.
    • Rotate | Rotate the image to a 90, 180 or 270 degrees angle.
    • AutoCrop | Slim will automatically crop the image to best fit the specified output ratio.
    • AutoRotate | Mobile devices can embed rotation information in photographs, this often results in rotated or incorrectly read imagery. Slim automatically corrects this and presents the photo the way it was intended.
    • AutoSize | Specify the maximum size of the output image and Slim will scale down the image to fit perfectly. Tip: Use AutoSize with a square ratio to quickly crop avatars.
    • Very Fast | Slim’s code is optimized for performance. On top of optimal code paths, Slims animations assist in making the cropping experience feel smooth and fast.
    • Change Labels | All texts and icons can be configured using data attributes.


    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Edge
    • Internet Explorer 10+
    • Opera (Not Opera mini as it lacks the required Canvas features)
    • Safari 8+ on OSX & iOS 8.4+ (Safari on Windows is no longer supported by Apple)
    • Android 4.4.4+

    On very old browsers ( older than Internet Explorer 8 ), Slim won’t load due to lack of JavaScript functionality. On Internet Explorer 8 and 9 it will show an incompatible message.