SIP Social Proof for WooCommerce

Are you looking for a way to get more sales?

Show off your sales numbers like the pros

Do you think eBay and Groupon are onto something when they tell you how many people bought a particular product? Sales numbers help visitors understand that they are not the only ones making a purchase decision in your website. With SIP Social Proof for WooCommerce is really easy to display the number of sales for any product in your website, just like the big brands do.

Display the number of customers

Nothing speaks more than the number of people who trusted your brand. Thanks to the shortcode implementation, you can show the live number of unique customer your store has.

Advanced sales stats

How many people bought today/this week/this month? How long ago was the last sale? SIP Social Proof for WooCommerce knows all this and can help you display the information you want, the way you want it.


  • Display advanced sales and customers stats in shop pages and single product pages
  • Display advanced sales and customers stats with a shortcode
  • Advanced sales stats: total sales
    daily sales
    weekly sales
    monthly sales
    time since last sale
  • Advanced stats per customer:
    number of units sold to a customer
    number of sales a customer made
    number of customers who bought a product
  • Advanced store stats:
    number of customers of the store
    number of orders of the store
    number of units sold in the store
  • Advanced visitor stats:
    number of people looking at your product/page
  • Advanced variables:
    multiply the result
    hide under a certain value
    show a certain number under a value
    choose random number
  • WYSIWYG styling