SEO WordPress Plugins

SEO Plus — Search Optimize Your WordPress Website

 SEO+ is the easiest and fastest solution for optimizing your WordPress website and tracking progress for search engines. With all the built in tools you’ll need, your website will soon overpower its competitors. Features Mass Content Optimization — Change meta tags for all your posts on one single page. Theme Validation — Check your theme

Social SEO Facebook Responsive Timeline Feed

 Key Features Colors are automatic (Links and icons) set based on your theme Use your facebook as your news items for more exposure Any facebook administrator can then update the facebook posts Looks great on mobile devices Plays inline youtube and facebook video’s (native html5) Translate time in your own language Auto readmore for long

Smart Robots.txt Tools

 Smart Robots.txt Tools allows you to improve and customize ‘robots.txt’ file used by search engines and other types of bots when indexing your website. Through this file you can disallow access to some areas of the website for all or only some bots. This plugin allows you to use improved basic rules in robots.txt file

SemanticWP SEO

 SemanticWP SEO — Amazing WordPress plugin for SEO WordPress plugin for Search Engine Optimization. It sets the h1, extra text blocks, titles, keywords and page descriptions (with using templates). It adds item to the main WP control panel menu, forms of editting and adding new posts, editting taxonomy extra columns for setting SEO-parameters to the

SEO Studio for WordPress – Tools for SEO

 A complete set of SEO tools useful for tracking progress and improving ranking. Install it on your WordPress website today without any hassle. It seamlessly integrates with your existing design & website.

WordPress Search Protein


WordPress SEO Bot

 WordPress SEO Bot helps you optimize the content of your WordPress site for search engines. It is an essential tool for on-page optimization, internal link building, affiliate link building, keywords and tooltips management. Features Bold, italicise, underline any keywords or phrases on your site Replace any keywords or phrases on your site Hyperlink any keywords

Rankie – WordPress Rank Tracker Plugin

 Rankie – WordPress rank tracker is a wordpress rank checker plugin that will help you track wordpress rankings on Google keeping a close eye on each keyword position. As a wordpress rank tracker plugin WordPress Rankie will update keywords rank positions daily and generate powerfull reports. it also incorporate a powerfull research tool that generates

SEO Redirection Pro

 Plugin Description SEO redirection pro is a WordPress plugin designed to help you controlling all site redirects, as you know, redirects play an important role for enhancing SEO, for example by using 301 redirects you can tell the search engines that any page is moved to another one, which prevent indexing the two pages of