SentiPress Comment Sentiment analysis

Get clear view of what readers / users feel in a single snapshot

SentiPress is an AI powered comment sentiment analysis tool which aims at solving the problem of understanding the users sentiment towards your product or post

Reading hundreds of comments and getting to know what users feel is very important , but its not an easy task

SentiPress was invented for that very sole purpose , it reads every single comment with pre-trained Ai and gives you a clear pictorial representation of what users feel in just a click away

It also provides sentimental distribution of users for each posts in a single snapshot , ya that’s cool right ??

Using SentiPress is as easy a shot , Zero configuration and No settings needed


  • Zero configuration and settings
  • Dazzling fast algorithm
  • Get cumulative sentimental overview of each posts with split-up
  • Pictorial split-up representation positivity,negativity and neutral values
  • Uses n-gram algorithm
  • Flat design
  • Pre trained AI model
  • Supports localization for 9 international languages