Sentiment Analyzer – Comment Analysis

Sentiment Analyzer is a plugin that helps you moderate the comments on your WordPress site. This plugin analyzes a comment and determines the sentiment, whether it is positive, neutral and negative. By default, all negative comments will be marked for moderation.

It’s really easy to moderate the comments with this plugin.


  • Plugin dashboard with the most common
  • Analysis of existing comments
  • Reanalysis of all your comments
  • Responsive charts with analysis statistics
  • Advanced Manage Comments screen
  • Sorting of comments by the sentiments
  • Three sentiment types: positive, neutral, negative
  • Select user roles whose comments will be analyzed
  • Select the sentiments that will be marked for moderation
  • Tonality dictionary for the English language
  • Import your tonality dictionary
  • Manage your tonality dictionaries
  • WooCommerce compatible