Sendy For Woocommerce

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Sendy for WooCommerce provides simple and flexible integration to WooCommerce plugin. Just create lists using Sendy List ID and assign these preset Lists to your products. And after customers will buy products they will be automatically added to assigned lists. Everything is very simple.

How this Magic Works?
After installing and configuration plugin you will be able to create Sendy Lists (Products > Sendy Lists page) and then assign pre-created Lists on Add/Edit products page (see Right Sidebar “Sendy Lists”). And after the customer bought products with assigned Lists, his email and name will be added to your Sendy App. You can select on which order status add customers to the lists and also there are Global Lists settings for All order statuses.


How to Install

Sendy For WooCommerce is installed as the usual WordPress plugins. You can get more information about how to installing WordPress plugins here.

After activation you can find plugin’s settings page in menu Woocommerce > Settings > Sendy.

Plugin Settings

Sendy API URL – in this setting, you should write URL to your Sendy App, for example

Order Status for Action – with this option, you can select on which order status customer will be added to Sendy List

Adding Options – this option gives you control of what to do when customer added to the List

Available options are:

Just add the user to lists (without removing from old Sendy lists)

Remove user from all existing Sendy lists before adding to new

Global Adding Options – here you can select Global Lists related to order statuses to which customers will be added regardless of products in the order.