The WordPress plugin for making your existing sidebar dynamically moving and following the user scrolls that will stop moving if the browser viewport is not yet reaching the sidebar’s top/bottom or if the sidebar have reached the end of its own respective row’s borders, while maintaining its responsiveness.

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  • Will make your sidebar dynamically scrolling.
  • Will still work correctly even if your sidebar is taller than the browser viewport.
  • Dynamic and responsive.
  • Can add another settings for different sidebar.
  • Supports a class selector for multiple sidebars.
  • Have an automatic mobile width detection.
  • Bootstrap 12-column grid system compatible.
  • Can set a mobile animation dynamically or statically.
  • Top padding and decrementation configuration.
  • Can adjust the animation speed.
  • Settings can be disabled on some pages.

Scrollside Settings’ fields: Add New Scrollside

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