Scroll Popup Notifications For Visual Composer


– Scroll Popup Notifications for visual composer lets you add the popup notifications to your pages/posts/products/ other. Notifications are shown on page load, when scrolling the page to a certain length, the popup is displayed under the icon. You will customize content display popup by Visual Composer.
– There are 2 options for popup notification display : All page (show all page) or Custom (page, post, product, other,..)…You just select the display template corresponding to the option you choose….


– Option settings :
+ Option to set width of popup.
+ Option to set background of popup.
+ Option to set border of popup.
+ Option to set position of the popup.
+ ….
– Extend the Visual Composer, work fine with the VC update.
– Include Depth Modal and Scrolling Notification extension.
– Popup support any kind of content (use visual composer).
– Optional popup window background, text color, background color , width.
– Multiple notification, you can add a unique notification for posts or pages or products or another.
– Compatible with latest jQuery and latest WordPress.
– Free update in the future.
username: demo5
password: demo5

Video Demo

Video demo: Here


Version 1.0 Initial Release