SakolaWP – WordPress School Management System

SakolaWP is WordPress School Management System is the best plugin to manage the school activity like school routine, attendance, exam, homework, etc. The system has different access rights for Admin, Teacher, Student and Parent.

User Roles Username Password
Teacher teacher1 teacher
Student student1 student
Parent parent1 parent
Admin admin adminsakolawp

Control Module Access by Different User Roles
Multiple User Roles (admin,teacher,student,parents)

Admin features:

  • Manage Teacher, students, class, marks etc
  • Manage Class, section, and subjects etc
  • Add, edit, delete students from admin easily
  • Add, edit, delete teacher from admin easily
  • Add, edit, delete daily routines teacher easily
  • Manage and connect parent easily
  • Add, edit, delete teacher information
  • Add, edit, delete student and parent information
  • View profile of students and also class and attendance report of student
  • View all exam and result
  • View all Homework and result
  • Administrator has student and teacher migration facilitates, etc
  • Create and manage new-event

Teachers features

  • Check student-parents detail
  • Take attendance of class
  • Create and setup online exam of class
  • Create and setup Homework of class
  • Manage mark of student
  • Questions Bank

Parents and student features

  • Check class routine, new and event
  • Student attendance report
  • Online Exam information and result
  • Homework information and result
  • Report mark of student