Responsive WordPress Text Effects and Rotator

Cool Text for WordPress – Awesome Text Animations

CoolText WordPress Plugin allows you to use complex text animations that are impossible using only css transitions. It can be used with shortcodes and advanced settings. It already comes with 300 ready-to-use awesome animations. CoolText lets you animate letters or words, control speed and stagger, create text rotations and so on. And it’s responsive and SEO friendly.


  • 300 ready-to-use animations
  • responsive
  • SEO friendly
  • it can animate both letters and words
  • it can be used with shortcodes and settings
  • full compatibility with all the latest browsers
  • fallback for older browsers

300 ready-to-use animations

CoolText WordPress Plugin already comes with 300 ready-to-use animations.

Impossible using only css3

It would be virtually impossible to create complex text animations only with css transitions. With CoolText you can do it with ease using shortcodes.