Responsive Pricing & Info Tables

Create beautiful pricing tables, product displays, comparison tables, feature tables, and team display boxes.

  • Intuitive visual interface
  • 5 different styles of table layouts
  • 4 different animations
  • 15 prebuilt color themes
  • Ability to create custom color scheme allows you to create any cobination of colors.
  • Add as many features in a plan, and as many plans in a table as you want
  • Use as many tables on a page as you want
  • Club together similar tables/varitaions of a table to create pricing group
  • Use sliding variations of the tables on desktops,mobiles, or both


This plugin uses ACF Pro (Advanced Custom Fields Pro) to power its core functionality. Due to the way ACF Pro is coded, it is not possible to run ACF (regular/free version) and ACF Pro simultaneously in same environment. This means that if your website already has ACF activated, then it will cause conflict with this plugin and this plugin WILL NOT work.

Because RPIT uses ACF Pro, by activating the former you also get access to the features offered by ACF PRO.

Since ACF PRO offers additional features over the free version, you can choose to disable the free version and instead keep the Pro version active by activating RPIT plugin.
If you already have custom fields created by ACF (regular/free version), you can follow the instruction given here.

By doing so, you will be able to disable the free version of ACF and still have the fields creaed by it available to you along with the functionality offered by ACF Pro. Additionally, the RPIT plugin will continue to work fine.



  1. ACF PRO
  2. ACF RGBA Color Picker
  3. jQuery MatchHeight
  4. Animate.css


The links to the images used in the demo are: