Related Products Manager for WooCommerce

Related Products Manager for WooCommerce

Related Products Manager for WooCommerce plugin lets you customize related products in WooCommerce.

You change displayed WooCommerce related products number, columns, order; relate by tag, category, product attribute or manually on per product basis. Hide related products completely. Change related products title and/or position.

You may need to clear all products transients to immediately see results on frontend after changing plugin’s settings. Alternatively you can just update each product individually to clear its transients.

Related Products Manager Options:

  • Related products number

    Total number of the displayed related products

  • Related products columns

    Number of columns.

  • Order by

    Possible values: Random; Date; Title; ID; Modified; Menu order; Price.

  • Order

    Ignored if order by “Random” is selected in “Order by”. Possible values: Ascending; Descending.

  • Relate by category

    Relate by current product’s category.

  • Relate by tag

    Relate by current product’s tag.

  • Relate by product attribute

    Relate by current product’s attribute.

(More examples in plugin documentation)

  • Relate manually.
  • Override categories and tags.
  • Hide related products.
  • Change related products position
  • etc.

Related Products Manager for WooCommerce

  • Change related products total number and columns number.
  • Set order by (random, date, title, ID, modified, menu order, price) and order (ascending, descending) options.
  • Relate products by tag, category or product attribute.