Reaction Buttons

The Reaction Button allow users to react your content but too lazy to type out an comment

Over time when only limited with 2 options original state monotonous: Like and Unlike, now you’ve got more options.

Once a user click on a reaction button, that’s means I can hear the complainers or cheer… Ex: OMG (Oh My God),LOL,WIN,SOCK,CUTE, WTF (Where The Funny or What the funny, etc…). This feature assumes that there are viewers, but are too lazy to type out an comment.

How does it work?

Once a user clicks on a reaction button, their choice for that reaction will be recorded. Later then, you can view a statistic about the vote of users about their impression to your site content. To avoid many fake anonymous voting, you can set up some restrictions.
For example, when users click on a reaction, it will be recorded. The buttons will be inactive, and then after one hour it will be active again.

If you allow users to publish their comment in social network sites, once they click on a reaction, a mini Share plugin will pop up to suggest him to share his reaction to the social networks. The user is given an option to choose to which social networks he wants to post the content. When the user presses the “OK” button, the comment will be published to each of the social networks that the user selected. The reaction buttons may be displayed with or without counters, representing the number of times a certain reaction to an item was clicked.

To allow your users leave comments easily, you can implement this plugin in your site. Codecanyon can do this for you with a simple set-up.