Rcwd Upload for Contact Form 7


This add-on extends the functionality of the free WordPress plugin Contact Form 7.

It allows to add a new file upload field with a lot of features!.

It uses a different folder for every location (based on form id and field id). Also, you can activate the option to let user upload more than 1 file!!!


\\ Upload in chunks (by using the filter cf7_rcwdupload_chunks)
\\ AUTO UPDATER (experimental, be careful, alway made a backup before do it).
\\ Sortable. Reorder elements in list using drag&drop (if repeater option is On).
\\ Support for image preview before upload with size settings! (for all modern browsers)
\\ Option for autoupload after file selection
\\ Option for rename the file (if repeater is active, a progressive numeric suffix will be added)
\\ Option for weight limit (KB or MB)
\\ Options for resizing (clientside and serverside)
\\ Options for filtering the allowed extensions
\\ Repeater option! Yes you can let users to upload more to add additional upload fields
\\ Support for drag&drop
\\ Useful filters that will let you customize some stuff (new filters will be added to next releases)
\\ Language translation for english and italian