Quick and easy Post creation for ACF Relationship Fields PRO

This plugin is a excellent companion of Advanced Custom Fields PRO.

When dealing with ‘Relationship’ or ‘Post Object’ fields (which links a post to one or multiple other posts), you often stumble on having to link to a post that does not exist yet. This is a frustrating and time-consuming experience: you have to save the content you were working on, then create the new post, and finally reload your primary content to be able to link to the newly created post.

This plugin simplifies this process by allowing you to create the related posts on the fly.


Upload the plugin files to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress


You can enable on-the-fly post creation on a field basis : In your ACF Field Groups, locate the field you want to enable on-the-fly post creation. Check Yes on the field setting Display a link to create content on the fly?:

That’s all. Now, while editing your content, you’ll see a button next to your field to create a new post:

The new post can be created in a dedicated popup. Fill the fields as you would have done normally, and publish the post:

The new post is saved and added in your relationship field or your Post Object field:


Is it compatible with Advanced Custom Fields FREE version?

No. A free version of Quick and easy Post creation for ACF Relationship Fields is available on the official WordPress repository

Can we make the lightbox wider?

Unfortunately not for the moment. This will be a possible enhancement when this bug will be fixed.

Does this add-on handle bidirectional relationships?

Bidirectional relationships are out of the scope of this add-on. However, the ACF documentation gives a great example to achieve this.

Is it possible to pre-populate a child field depending on the parent from where it’s been created?

Yes it is. This add-on loads the child post form in an iframe with some additional URL params:

  • acf_rc_from_content_type: the post type of your parent post.
  • acf_rc_from_content_ID: the ID of your parent post.

You can use these URL params to pre-populate an ACF field on your child post. Example: