QualityControl is a plugin that helps you to manage the quality of content across your WordPress site.

It repeatedly scans your site looking for errors and suggesting improvements. It them help you identify these issues, helping you improve your sites quality.


    • Link checker – never miss a broken link again!
      • Detects broken links
      • Detects redirect links
      • Detects external links
      • Detects internal links
      • All HTTP status codes checked
    • Detect Image problems
      • Detects missing alt text
      • Detects broken links
      • Detects externally hosted / hotlinked images
    • Readability Statistics – (English)
      • Identifies hard to read content
      • Site average Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease score
    • Plain English Suggestions
      • Suggests word/phrase changes to make your content easier to read
    • Detect Content Info
      • Detects phone numbers
      • Detects email address
      • Detects Twitter handles
    • identifies overly long…
      • Titles
      • Excerpts
      • Content


  • Highlights issues to the user
  • CSV exporting of data
  • Schedule scans of your content.
  • Idea for large site, or sites with multiple authors