Pupillary Distance Measurer “Woocommerce plugin”

PD Measurer “Woocommerce plugin” Is to assist the optometrist & Eyewear seller in getting optical measurements of the eyewear buyer ..
When fitting prescription glasses, it is important for lenses be correctly aligned with each eye and therefore mounted the correct distance apart. For this reason, we have devised a method to accurately measure the so-called interpupillary distance via the webcam and using a reference object for size.
This would entail putting an overlay on top of the webcam video feed saving the webcam image + overlay. Plugin ask the user to position themselves in the video with a credit card held up to their chin such that (allows the plugin to get a point of reference to determine measurements the optometrist).. , eventually the user click “attach his PD image to his order ”…, So the optometrist could verify any placed order buyer’s PD measurements before shipping..
To try this plugin: In the demo link Click the button “Measure your PD & attach it to your order”.. to measure your PD and attach it to an already placed order.