Pronto Gallery – sortable responsive image and video lightbox gallery

Pronto Gallery is a plugin for WordPress. It provides an easy way to create user friendly, sortable lightbox galleries consisting of images and videos. The galleries can be attached to any content type (post, page, custom content types) and also can be placed anywhere in the post using a shortcode.


  • Attach images and videos to posts (pages and other content types) and show them as a mobile-friendly lightbox gallery
  • Include YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion videos in the gallery
  • Change the order of items with drag and drop
  • Use shortcode to display your gallery anywhere inside the post body
  • Set custom descriptions for items, that are great for users and SEO

A gallery of images and videos can be attached to any post or page. By default the gallery is shown right after the content of the post as a three-column grid (single-column on mobiles).

After clicking on one of the items, a modern, mobile friendly lightbox gallery opens up, which provides convenient functions, like keyboard navigation.


The standard placement of the gallery is at the end of the page. However you can use the shortcode [pronto_gallery] to place it anywherein the body of your post.