Product Sync – Google Shopping for WooCommerce

Boost productivity with Product Sync

Save precious time by handling all your e-commerce platforms from one place.

This download contains Product Sync and the Google Shopping add-on

Stop repeating tasks

Product Sync allows you to stop repeating the same task over and over by automatically syncing your products, stock and images across platforms.

Seamless Sync

With Product Sync you don’t need to worry about importing and exporting files across different platforms. The system will automatically sync in the background and allow you to focus on growing your business.

Increase Your Reach

By posting your products across multiple e-commerce platforms you can leverage each one’s customer base and therefore increase your potential reach enabling you to sell more of your catalogue.

What Product Sync Can Do For You

Here are a few of the features that Product Sync offers to help you manage your product listings from a single location.

Sync Products

Automatically sync product data such as titles, descriptions, pricing and SKUs.

Auto sync stock levels

Stock levels are seamlessly synced backwards and forwards from your WooCommerce store and Etsy. So whether you sell something on either store you stock stays in sync

Sync Variations

If your products have multiple variations this is no issue. Product Sync will automatically sync those along with their stock, SKUs and pricing.

As well as syncing your images, Product Sync can handle re-organising your galleries from a single place. Change the order in WooCommerce and it’ll update on other platforms.