Pricing Tables, Sliders & Comparison Tables for WordPress

Pricing Tables, Slider, and Comparison (PTSC) is all-in-one Plugin for displaying your product pricing and features.

If you want to display your product features & Pricing as Pricing Tables, Pricing Sliders or need to show the comparison of products. Then you will find this plugin extremely useful. Integrating the table into your website is also simple. All you have to do is add the shortcode to any page or post.

PTSC is different from other pricing table plugins where you build the pricing tables by adding rows to each table. In PTSC you just define data (table rows) for your products, and then the plugin will process the data to make

  1. Pricing Tables
  2. Pricing Sliders
  3. Comparison Tables

There are just 3 steps.

1. Define table data/ Product Simply enter your products/ tables data in plain text.

2. Make Shortcode/ Groups Select multiple products to make groups for pricing tables, comparison or slider. & select template.

3. Paste generated shortcode to your WP pages. You can modify published shortcode settings from PTSC > shortcode page.

PTSC will really come in handy while making large comparison tables, which is usually a very time intensive task. It is a big time saver as it uses the same date to generate output for all 3 (Pricing Tables, Pricing Slider & Comparison Tables).

PTSC do not limit you to a specific set of designs by moving presentation layer into Smarty templating engine. You can now implement any design with minimum effort without playing with PHP files.

Features include

  1. Support for displaying multiple durations, so the user can switch the prices for example between monthly – yearly.
  2. Support for sections in long pricing tables.
  3. Support for icons to replace YES/NO.
  4. Set minimum width to hide on mobile devices
  5. Option to feature a product/ table within the group
  6. Multiple design templates included
  7. Responsive Pricing & Comparison Tables