Premium Stock Market Widgets

About Premium Stock Market Widgets

Premium Stock Market Widgets is a completely reworked version of the best selling Stock Market Widgets WordPress plugin. It lets you adding financial data to any WordPress page or post in a matter of seconds. Absolutely no technical knowledge is required to use the plugin.

Premium Stock Market Widgets

Admin interface

Unlike Stock Market Widgets plugin all widgets can be easily configured through the WordPress admin interface. You don’t need to manually construct or edit any HTML code.

Premium Stock Market Widgets

Widget types

Premium Stock Market Widgets provides the following widget types:

  • Single quote widgets
  • Single/multi stock table widgets
  • Static stock/currency chart
  • Combo widgets (table + chart)
  • Stock/currency ticker

Themes and color

Each widget type usually provides several templates and color themes to choose from, so you can select the most suitable for your website.

New features

It’s now possible to specify refresh interval for the widgets, so market data will be automatically updated without user refreshing the page

System requirements

  • WordPress 3.0 and above
  • PHP 5.4 and above
  • JQuery 1.5 and above

Available data

Market data is avilable for the following stock exchanges:

  • New York Stock Exchange
  • Chicago Mercantile Exchange
  • Toronto Stock Exchange
  • Canadian Venture Exchange
  • Australian Securities Exchange
  • New Zealand Exchange
  • Deutsche Börse Xetra
  • Börse Berlin
  • Börse München
  • Börse Düsseldorf
  • Börse Stuttgart
  • Hamburg Exchange
  • Hanover Exchange
  • London Stock Exchange
  • Hong Kong Exchange
  • Moscow Stock Exchange
  • Euronext Paris
  • Euronext Amsterdam
  • Euronext Brussels
  • Copenhagen Stock Exchange
  • Oslo Stock Exchange
  • Stockholm Stock Exchange
  • Swiss Exchange
  • Milan Stock Exchange
  • Eurex
  • Athens Exchange
  • Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
  • Singapore Exchange
  • Buenos Aires Stock Exchange
  • Sao Paolo Stock Exchange
  • Indonesia Stock Exchange
  • Taiwan Stock Exchange
  • Bursa Malaysia
  • Korea Exchange
  • Mexican Stock Exchange
  • and some others

Known limitations

As of now market data is NOT available for:

  • Dow Jones Index
  • Indian Stock Exchanges
  • Bombay Stock Exchange
  • Madrid Stock Exchange