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Power VC Add-on – Overview

Power Addon is one most powerful extensions for Visual Composer plug-in with more than 160 shortcodes and additions which can be used easily in any theme.

Main Features


While creating pages by Visual Composer, we always felt that some tools are missing that could provide copy/paste rows and sections from a specific page to other pages to avoid recreating complicated sections that we have build earlier again. Now we made it possible and added this tool to Visual Composer so users can enjoy more while they are creating pages with it and also they spend less time in this regard.


Modern websites use animation to show better their content. Scroll animation is one of most interesting ways of animation for page elements. Scroll animation, in fact, is creating animation (change position/size/opacity…) during page scroll according to position of each element.


Power Addon shortcodes has most complete shortcodes collection with more than 160 shortcodes . You can build and customize you pages with several available options such as color, border, background, Google font and etc.


Except shortocdes options, we have added some extra options which make working with these shortcodes really easy. One the most powerful options that we have added is Prallax which is specifically added to row setting.


We considered an option, by default, to create demo pages with all features for you. This will let you see them all and use them in your theme. These pages will be created by installing your plug-in and you need no extra setting in this regard.


To create more professional shortcodes, we added some Custom Fields to them such as icon, border and etc to make using shortcodes easier to you and also to have a better display in UI (User Interface).


Power Addon with more than 9 icon packages and over 2000 icons has most powerful icon sets and icons are retina ready. You can easily manage and use them.


We worked on performance and SEO optimization of this plug-in and we load only essential files on pages. We make sure that the numbers of requests are as low as possible. We only load the necessary font families, font weights and color.


  • alerts
  • Box Carousel
  • Buy Process
  • Buttons
  • Callout
  • Category Box
  • Countdown
  • Distance
  • Divider
  • Donate
  • Dropcap
  • Google Map
  • Grand Title
  • Icon
  • Icon Box
  • Icon Divider
  • Image Carousel
  • Latest From Blog
  • Link
  • List
  • Ministry
  • Our Client
  • Our Process
  • Our Team
  • Post Blog
  • Pricing Plan
  • Pricing Table
  • Quote
  • Socials
  • Subscribe
  • Teaser Box
  • Testimonial Carousel
  • Testimonials
  • Title(Maxtitle)
  • Title(Subtitle)
  • Toggle Box
  • Tooltip
  • Video Play



Any media – Photo, video used in preview are not included in this item and you need to contact authors to get permission in case you want to use them in your commercial or non-commercial projects.

  • Photodune
  • 123RF
  • Shutterstock