Placeholder Image Generator and Replacer

Replace your copyright images in your WordPress Themes automatically in three clicks. The plugin automatically searches for the images, measures the dimensions and generates placeholder images, replaces them in your WordPress Theme beautifully. No need to spend hours creating placeholder images in different sizes.

Why we created the plugin

Imagine you have used 100 + copyright images in your WordPress theme. And you have to replace the images with placeholders one by one manually. Its a fruturating task for any theme developer who is creating themes for marketplaces like Themeforest. Using third party services is cumbersome as it requires replacing the urls at the database level.

The plugin however takes a simple approach. It reads your existing image, creates a new placeholder image for the same dimension and replaces it.

Save time. Just install the plugin. Search and replace with three clicks.

Key features

  • Automatically finds the dimension of the image and replaces with a placeholder of the same size.
  • Ajax based batch processing. So it can work even in servers with low memory
  • Allows you to control the number images to be processed per batch
  • Bakckup your original images automatically before replacing them with placeholders

Replace images with placeholders

System Requirements

  • PHP 5.5 +
  • Imagick or GD extension for PHP enabled (Most servers will have this by default). Xampp, Mamp, Wamp all have this pre-installed.