Photo Filters WordPress Plugin

Photo Filers for WordPress

Photo Filters is the first professional photo and image filter application for your WordPress installation. Apply high quality filters on your photos and images in your WordPress Media Library and boost your site and galleries with amazing and professional photo effects.

Photo Filters plugin works like a image editing software in your WordPress backend. Apply photo effects and save the filtered image.Saving is non destructive. The filtered image will be treated as a new uploaded image.

The application uses HTML5 and Canvas technology. The results are the same high quality like Photoshop filters or actions.

One click away from a professional looking photo. No skills are needed, just choose one of 224 filters.

You will find filters for every kind of emotion. Lighten or Darken your images in different ways or create a special mood with one of Photo Filters dream, soft tones or beauty filters.

The filters are divided into 14 categories: Lighten, Soft Tones, Beauty, Color, Autumn Color, Old, Darken, Dream, Cold, Sunny, Vintage, Intensify, Matte, Special.