Peekaboo Timer

Peekaboo Timer is a handy wordpress plugin which allows web sites owners tocontrol the visibility of the content in accordance with various time-related criteria.
You can choose to automatically display or hide content through time using any of the34 shortcodes, and thus make your WordPress site more dynamic and “intelligent”.

  • Hide or show the content on specified days of the week, months, days of the month, time periods, date intervals, etc…
  • Version 3.0 comes with several extra shortcodes which allow you to control what content your registered/non-registered vistors see.
  • Shortcodes can be combined for even more specific and precise time frames.
  • They can be used in text widgets as well.
  • Any content can be wrapped inside Peekaboo Timer shortcodes: text, HTML tags, buttons, images, videos, forms, other shortcodes…
  • The content that is hidden by Peekaboo Timer leaves NO footprint (empty space) behind on the page!
  • Many criteria can be set to use either blog time (specified in the admin dashboard of the WP site) or visitors’ times, and several shortcodes also accept the optional timezone attribute, so they can be set to use a time zone of your choice.

Even though the total of 34 shortcodes and the variety of attributes make this a Swiss army knife of plugins, using it is extremely easy and user-friendly because it comes with an intuitive set of click-through dialogs and friendly forms integrated in the WordPress’s text editor.